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Welcome to CannaRabbit, the leading provider of marijuana courier services, marijuana sample collection services for the cannabis industry.

Testing and Sample Selection Regulations in Colorado

For Colorado cannabis businesses, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) is expected to require all dispensaries to utilize a "Division Approved Sampler" to select the sample and courier the sample for all lab testing (Refer to R 1504 of the Retail Rules published on the MED's website). This requirement was originally slated to begin on July 1st 2014, but has been pushed back several times. We now are expecting this requirement to be effective in the second quarter of 2016. Any samples brought to a lab that do not adhere to this rule must be rejected by the testing lab at that time. A "Division Approved Sampler" is an organization such as CannaRabbit that has completed all of the requirements established by the MED to select and transport cannabis samples. Do you have marijuana or marijuana-infused product samples you need delivered to a testing lab? We are here to help. CannaRabbit anticipates being among the first MED authorized cannabis test sample selector/courier in the state of Colorado, and is already offering secure, fast & reliable marijuana sample collection services to dispensaries.

If you have need for cannabis sample selection & courier services, we highly recommend you contact us today to set up a trial run and get on our courier schedule. Space on our cannabis test sampling schedule is limited. Call us today at (720)951-4918 before the rule becomes mandatory and our availability to provide cannabis test sample collection becomes limited.

Industry Leading Cannabis Sample Selection Methodology

CannaRabbit's leadership team has deep experience in building statistical models and sample selection across many industries. In building relationships with the major testing labs in Colorado, we have been able to bring this experience to bear in the marijuana industry. Ask us about our methodologies for cannabis test sample selection and our white papers which detail out industry best practices for cannabis test sample collection.

Marijuana Courier Services

In addition to cannabis test sample collection, CannaRabbit is also fully licensed as a marijuana courier in Colorado. We carry anything from wholesale, grow to dispensary product, trim, MIP/Edibles and money etc. Rates vary depending on the time it takes from your location to the drop off location or to the testing facility and back if needed.